Monday, April 20, 2009


The MBA Way

Very often we come across the term 'Think like an MBA'. But not many know how the mind set is developed over sleepless nights, intense pressure to complete answers to case studies, preparing for examinations, hours of reading, Internet search, networking between lecturers,tutors and students; and within 2 years synthesize the knowledge disciplines ( between 9-12 disciplines) and understand them, only the way an MBA can.

Towards at the end of the course, the MBA is taught strategy. This subject finally will make him see business in totality and and he needs to integrate knowledge from the various disciplines to come out with a strategic plan. To survive the market place strategic thinking will need to be tempered with good judgement and common sense. Though easy to talk about, they are not easy to achieve. Whatever it is, competitive advantage requires an evolving strategy that cannot be easily copied by competitors.

The DBA Way

On this point I I shall pause and take a breath. This is because I am just on the first few steps of this long journey that will take me a minimum of 4 years. But what seems to be different are; arguement, originality(e.g. contribution to knowledge) critical reading/analysis and independant research.

Note: On 18th April, I began with the 1 st tutorials for 2 subjects i.e. Strategic Marketing and Organisational Behaviour . More about my DBA course is available here.